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Photo by Edward Pond

Container turned coffee table

Rethink everyday objects—turn a simple container into a sleek coffee table

**1. Container** Choose a container you like, that works as a coffee table (standard height is 16 to 18 inches). Fill the container with crumpled newspaper or plastic bags, so you don’t have to use a lot of moss. *Metal container, $130, Fresh Home & Garden.*

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**2. Moss** Layer the top with any type of moss—live, dried or artificial—to suit. Here, we used a bright chartreuse reindeer moss. *Moss, $30 per box, Fresh Home & Garden.* **3. Glass** Place a piece of glass on top of the container. You can use an existing piece that fits or have it custom-cut. Remember that the glass should have a finished edge. *Custom glass, $50, Flintstone Glass & Mirror.* **Tip:** Live decorative moss will stay moist longer under glass, as it acts like a terrarium, but it may need occasional misting.

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