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Chill out: 7 steps to a shady room

Love shady plants? Use them to set the stage in an idyllic DIY retreat perfect for those summer scorchers Produced by Heather Cameron; Photos by Janis Nicolay

**2. Choose compatible accents** The plant centrepieces may steal the show, but supporting roles go to the decorative touches, such as the organic bamboo steamers housing the leafy sculptures. They make wonderful natural and temporary containers for arrangements of all sorts. Cameron used three different sizes for variety in her tableau. You can pick them up, along with wooden spoons and forks—a casual alternative to clunky silverware—from your local Chinatown. **Tip:** Plant your begonias directly into the steamer. With built-in drainage, bamboo steamers are ideal and economical outdoor containers. *Rex begonia foliage spills over the side of a simple bamboo steamer.*

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