How to Perform Organic Lawn Care During Fall

Organic lawn care is an environmentally friendly approach to maintaining a healthy lawn. As the season transitions to fall, there are specific practices you can follow to ensure your lawn is prepared for the winter months ahead.

In this article, we will explore three key steps to performing organic lawn care during the fall: fertilizing, overseeding, and proper mowing and watering techniques.


Fertilizing is a crucial aspect of …

5 Amazing Plants that You Should Have on a Dry and Shady Garden

Gardening in full shade is tough, but dry, compacted soil makes it even harder. Dry shade often occurs under mature trees with shallow roots, like non-native maples. Adding soil or raising the grade won’t help much and can harm the tree.

To tackle this in my garden, I annually improve the soil by loosening it with a garden fork, adding shredded leaves for better texture, and topping it with compost or composted manure for nutrients.

Some shade-loving plants adapt to dry conditions, while others, like ‘Ice Dance’ sedge, cope well despite their preference for moisture. When planting in dry shade, use …

Touring a Region Along the Garden Route

Garden routes are becoming increasingly popular as tourist destinations in Canada, with garden owners opening their properties to visitors who are looking to experience the beauty of nature. “Escape from Chaos,” owned by Jacqui Laporte and John Empson in Auburn, Ont., is one such garden that is part of the 25 properties that form Discover the Gardens of Huron Perth.

Gardens on these routes can be public or private, with some paying tribute to historical landscapes or …