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The best seed catalogues

16 seed catalogues to help you shop till your green thumb’s content

## General **Dominion Seed House** (Georgetown, ON) Founded in 1928, this supplier of tried and true annuals, perennials and vegetables from seeds, cuttings, bulbs and plants offers more than 350 new flowers and vegetables each year. Online visit:

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**OSC Seeds** (Waterloo, ON) One of Canada's pioneering seed-growing companies, the Ontario Seed Company offers annuals, perennials, wildflowers, vegetables, grasses, trees and forage crops, in individual packets and in bulk. Detailed seed-starting and growing info is also included. Online visit: **Vesey's **(Charlottetown, PEI) Best known for seeds for short growing seasons, Vesey’s catalogue features more than 700 varieties of flower, herb and vegetable seeds with new introductions every year. Online visit: ## Specialty **Agrestal Organic Heritage Seeds** (Gormley, ON) Agrestal offers more than 400 varieties of certified organic heirloom vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers, as well as valuable growing techniques and hints. New varieties are added every year. Online visit: **AgroHaitai Ltd.** (Hamilton, ON) Specializing in Oriental vegetable seeds, including leaf vegetables such as pak choy, tah tsai and tong ho, as well as fruits, gourds, root veggies, bean, peas and culinary herbs. Online visit: **ALCLA Native Plants** (Calgary, AB) This catalogue offers more than 100 native wildflowers, grasses and shrubs (seeds and plants). Custom seed mixes, bulk seed and private-label seed packets are also available. Online visit: **Florabunda Seeds** (Indian River, ON) Dedicated to selling and preserving the flowers of old English cottage gardens, Florabunda’s catalogue includes unusual entries such as Mexican tulip poppy and strawberry corn. Lots of historical information is also provided. Online visit: **Gaze Seed Company** (St. John's, NL) Established in 1921, Gaze Seed offers more than 250 varieties of vegetable and flower seeds suitable for Newfoundland and Labrador; a handy Vegetable Seed Planning Guide is also included. Online visit: **Prairie Garden Seeds** (Cochin, SK) Jim Ternier specializes in organic, heirloom vegetables and seeds, with a focus on good performers for short-season and xeriscape gardening. All seeds are open-pollinated and are not treated or genetically modified. Online visit: **Pure Prairie Ornamental Grasses** (Acme, AB) The folks at William Moore Farms offer mixes of ornamental prairie grasses such as black bearded wheat, starburst mille and flax, along with planting instructions to create your own mini prairie. Online visit: **Renee's Garden** (Felton, CA) Renee Shepherd specializes in seed for gourmet vegetables, kitchen herbs and cottage garden flowers, collected from around the world. Her online catalogue offers lots of illustrations and photographs, extensive growing information plus recipes and cookbooks to make use of what you grow. Online visit: **Richters Herbs** (Goodwood, ON) Featuring more than 1,000 culinary and medicinal herbs in seed, plant and in some cases dried form, the catalogue is like a herbal encyclopedia. Richters was one of the first to sign the Safe Seed Pledge, from the Safe Seed Initiative, not to buy or sell genetically modified seeds or plants. Online visit: **Salt Spring Seeds** (Salt Spring Island, BC) Heading into its 20th year, Dan Jason’s company supplies heritage and heirloom grains, beans, vegetables, herbs and flowers, many of them certified organic and all with detailed growing information. Online visit: **Stellar Seeds** (Salmon Arm, BC) This catalogue features organic heirloom and gourmet vegetable seeds, all grown in BC. (Check out the purple Dragon carrots, Drunken Woman lettuce, and Champion of England peas introduced in 1846). Stellar Seeds also offers herbs, flowers, cover crops and seeds in bulk. Online visit: **Terra Edibles** (Foxboro, ON) Karyn Wright and Don McKay specialize in open-pollinated, rare and heirloom, vegetable (especially tomatoes), herb and flower seeds produced organically. Their catalogue also includes organic tea blends and other locally made products. Online visit: **West Coast Seeds** (Delta, BC) This company specializes in seeds for organic vegetables that perform well in the unique coastal growing environment. It also provides a wealth of information about starting seed, growing techniques and planting calendars. Online visit:

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