How to Use Your Front Yard for Growing Some Veggies

Creating stacked boxes as containers for growing vegetables can be a delightful addition to a sunny spot near your front steps. Picture the satisfaction of arriving home from work and harvesting fresh lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and herbs right at your doorstep.

This design offers a clever solution to maximize growing space, even in a compact urban garden. Assuming the wooden frames lack bottoms, the top tier is the deepest, perfect for cultivating deeply rooted plants like beans or trellised cherry tomatoes against the house.

You can also plant green onions and colorful Swiss chard. The middle tier accommodates radishes and beets, while the bottom layer is ideal for leafy lettuce and aromatic herbs.

To elevate the appeal of your edible landscape, consider adding pots of nasturtiums, variegated sage, lavender, and other herbs to your porch or window boxes. This approach not only enhances the aesthetic of your front garden but also provides a functional and charming space to greet you each day.

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